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Art Synergie – Ceramics Symposium Anapa Russia

From September 1 to 21, 2017 in a suburb of the city of Anapa (Russia), at KARAKETZIDIS WINNERY ESTATE, the international program “Art Snergie” is being implemented, which i

Hellenic Islands

We especially enjoyed our recent collaboration with the creator Christos Giatrakos. Enjoy the Greek islands as you have never seen before! Milos Island   The Paxoi islands

Visiting the President of Democracy

I was so lucky to meet a modern patriot, a contemporary hero! My friend J.P. is investing huge capitals, earned from his hard work in Australia, to Hellenic soil. To my eyes he is a her

Official Ancient Greek Dinner by the Institute “Elxefsis”

An official dinner with ancient Greek gastronomy, by the World Institute of Hellenic Culture, in honor of Mr. John Pantazopoulos, the Australian Minister of Tourism, the Minister of Pub

Belgium GREEK DAY, 5th June 2017

HellenicSpirit.org will be attending the celebration of the 60th anniversary between Greece and Belgium of immigrants acceptance agreement. While serving rising demand for business requ

How Did Greek Influence English?

“How did Greek influence English?” This video explores the answer to that question, with lots of examples. Here’s the link to the speeches of Xenophon Zolotas: http://www.cs.toron


Hellenic Spirit is officially taking active part within Hellenic Russian Cultural Organization of Friendship and Collaboration of Magnesia Prefecture. Mr Mitsakis as vice president and

Coheb | Communaute Hellenique Bruxelles

Hellenic Spirit creates the web site for Communaute Hellenique Bruxelles. We are very proud that we are honored members of COHEB!