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    Sea - Color - Sun - Hospitality - Family values and more...
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The purpose of Hellenic Spirit (CNPP: Civil Non Profit Partnership) is by any possible means, the projection and promotion of Greece and its Culture throughout the world, with the aim to create a bridge and facilitate relationships between Institutions that pursuit common purpose abroad, both inside and outside the E.U. Furthermore the Organization actively supports new and innovative ideas, patents and inventions.

Weather proof

We try hard to endorse progress of civilization in any level of society.

Very Flexible

We have been there, we know how hard it is, we can help.

We have been all over

Our CMO has already traveled in more than 26 countries.

Great Support

There is nothing that can make us fear, we already taken the first step... there is no stopping.

Let's take a tour and you will love Hellenic Spirit

We are devoted in spreading the Hellenic Culture across the world, be one of us. This journey will be awesome.

Awesome Actions

Unique creations

Having noble materials changing form to unique items!

Multinational collaboration

When language is the key to collaboration our systems are translated to 23 languages so far.

Data Analysis Presentation

With the Elastic Reality system we turn data to actionable insights.

Products Extreme

Made from natural materials either fashion or consumption we deliver exceptional ideas in the world.

Products design

A complete marketing strategy based to a wow factor bottle design and Greek Mythology.


By getting the best of each city (Milan, Brussels, Volos) we re-engineer the fashion industry concepts.


What all lawyers and their clients need to save their time and calm their nerves…


RESTART LIFE is a documentary tv series based in citizens of EU life needs.

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Our Services

  • Concerts

    We can arrange HellenicMusic concerts of traditional and contemporary music with virtuoso organ players.
  • Conferences

    High esteemed Hellenic speakers are able to cover any issue relative to Culture, Economics, Social, Education and many more topics.
  • Commercial Trades

    We mix and match supply and demand. If you are a producer share your passion about your products with many buyers from abroad.